Friday, July 10, 2020

DannyHAX GARAPAL Free VIP CFPH Cheat 2020

DannyHAX GARAPAL Free VIP CFPH Cheat 2020

DannyHAX is a brand new cheat for Crossfire PH which is released in 2019 by programmer Danny. DannyHAX Garapal works 100%. There are some precaution to use these cheat. Please read the complete article to learn about DannyHAX. The download link is available below.

Don’t Use DannyHax Around 4pm to 9pm Daily to Avoid Disconnection Problem And Banning of your Account.
If you really want to Cheat around 4pm to 9pm Use Dummy Account first just to be sure if Cheat is Detected or not. If Not Detected You can Use your Main Account.

DannyHAX Simple Version 33.6

DannyHAX Garapal Version 20.3

How to Download and Install the Cheat?
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The download process for DannyHAX CFPH cheat is very simple, you just need to download the .exe file from the below download link. When the download process is complete, please follow the instruction below to install the loader.

Note: After clicking on the download link below, you will be redirected to another site [] where we host our files. You will have to download the cheat from that site.

If you face any issues while downloading the loader, simple contact us for more detail.

Installation instruction:

You will be experience No Menu from your FIRST TRY, Please try again to make it work perfectly.
And If you got an Send Error Report Problem Make Sure your Screen Resolution “1024×768” to Avoid Any Errors!
[If No Menu, Try to Install “VC++ 2010 Runtime x86” Install the .msi File then Run As Admistrator the Loader again and Activate it]

If Cheat doesn’t work, try to Install these Following Files
VC++ 2010 Runtime x86
VC++ Redis
DirectX 9, 10 and 11

Step 2: Unzip the archive file

Step 2: You will see the loader file in .exe

Step 3: Right Click on .exe file and Run as Administrator.

Step 4: Now you will have to click on Load and Skip 2 Ads

Step 5: Solve the 2 Captcha from the website and then click on “Click Me [After your 2 SKIP ADS]”

Use arrow keys or mouse to enable/disable function . Press Insert for hide/show menu