Monday, July 8, 2019

External iSuk (Trigger, RCS, Glow, Etc...)

Version: v2.0 [07/07/2019]
Developer: Null

Finally there is a new working External hack on CSGO called iSuk. The developer of this hack is the user "Null". The author claims that the hack will be updated for each update of the game, which will make it even safer and protect you from the global VAC lock in the game CS:GO. Cheat is very easy to use and configure, hack iSuk is controlled through a convenient menu where you can customize any of the functions that are provided in the hack menu.

The hack boasts such universal functions as: Glow ESP (WALLHACK) with the ability to customize for yourself, you can not only enable or disable this feature, but also independently without any programming knowledge to configure this function, change the color, change the distance, set the indicators and more. Also you can find in this hack and other functions, such as: TriggerBot - is used for automatic guidance on the enemy; working RCS, NoFlash, FOV Changer, BHOP, as well as Radar and Auto Pistol. Most likely, over time, the functionality will be updated, but even now you will be able to occupy only the top positions using only the functionality that is present at the moment.

FOV Changer
Auto Pistol

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