Thursday, April 4, 2019

hash (#) v55 - premium external multi-cheat

CS:GO hash (#) v55 - premium external multi-cheat Counter Strike Global Offensive Cheat Free Download Daily Updated Undetected CSGO wallhack Aimbot Triggerbot Glow ESP Chams Radar Hack No Recoil Bunnyhop No Flash Fake Lag

hash (#)
version fifty five - april 3, 2019


# Assistance
- Aimbot
- Backtracking
- Standalone RCS
- Slow aim
- Triggerbot
- Auto pistol
# Visuals / ESP
- Outline glow
- Model chams
- Engine radar
- Sonar
# Miscellaneous
- Rank revealer
- Hit sound
- Third person
- Bunnyhop
- Flash modifier
- FOV changer
- Music kit spoofer
- Skybox changer
- Night mode
# Others
- Configuration system
- Color management
- Menu management
- Thread management
- Panic mode


Friendly interface. Sleek visuals. Powerful functionality.
This project has been developed with these ideals in mind.
With your support and feedback, this project can continue to be curated.


1. Download and extract
2. Run the application (run as admin to avoid potential issues)
3. You should be greeted with a loading interface
4. Upon successful load, use the interface to enable/modify features


- False positives are due to the multiple compression/protection methods deployed on the executable, such as obfuscated entry-point code and MS-DOS header modification
- The only supported anti-cheat is VAC
- All official game modes such as competitive and danger zone are supported
- A default configuration should be created upon initial launch
- Credits to ocornut for imgui

Coin IDs:
Music Kit IDs:


 - Improved stability

Previous changes:

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