Thursday, May 2, 2019


CSGO PanoramaSimpleCheat Counter Strike Global Offensive Hack Free Download Hotshotgamers
Wallhakc Aimbot Telekill Cheater

Version: [01.05.2019]
 Developer: DjBoReK & ytdamian

Some players after the next update of the game did not work cheats, even if the developers have updated them. The fact that CS:GO has moved to a new level and developed the Panorama UI and gradually CS:GO will abandon the old menu and all players will play using this UI. We are also ready for updates and our Polish friends are ready to provide you with a new cheat on CS:GO under the name PanoramaSimpleCheat. This contains in its functionality only three necessary functions for legit game. We will tell you about these functions in detail.

Function Wallhack is probably the best and most popular feature among all tools in the game CS:GO. It is very simple and understandable for any player. Simply put WH will illuminate the players thus making them visible through the walls and any other obstacles that generally exist on the map.

Bunnyhop function is known since the days of the game CS 1.6, a function that is necessary in any gameplay. With this function, you will move around the map much faster by pressing the spacebar.

RadarHack function will add to your standard radar icons of your opponents, which gives you the opportunity to know in advance where your enemies will run.

Attention! If you can't open the file, then disable your antivirus and Adblock. 

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 WinZip,  WinRar,  7-Zip or any other archiver that supports these formats.