Thursday, May 2, 2019

DogHack External Multihack [Aim/RCS/Triggebot/ESP]

CSGO DogHack External Multihack [Aim/RCS/Triggebot/ESP] Counter Strike Global offensive Wallhack Cheat Undetected Free Download Hotshotgamers

Version: v1.1.5 [01/05/2019]
 Developer: DjBoReK & jojokrieger

Each function I think it makes no sense to describe, and so you all know what is responsible for example Aimbot or ESP. I will say one thing that the ESP function has a distinctive feature that can hardly be found in other External hacks. The trick is that the cheat will highlight your enemies or allies a certain color, for example green will stand out opponents with a full amount of health, and red opponents who have a small amount of health. The hack is launched in one click without installing additional programs.


  • Aimbot - FOV based and with smooth
  • RCS (Included in Aimbot)
  • GlowEsp - HP based
  • All different Glowstyles
  • BunnyHop
  • RadarHack
  • ClrRender Chams
  • dwModelAmbient Chams
  • RankReveal
  • Triggerbot - Toggle or hold
  • A offsets.ini file which saves all your offsets after an update


  • Toggle Glowesp - F11
  • Aimbot FOV + 0.2 - F7
  • Aimbot FOV - 0.2 - F8
  • Aimbot smooth + 0.2 - F9
  • Aimbot smooth - 0.2 - F10
  • Toggle Aimbot - F6
  • Toggle Bhop - F2
  • Shutdown Cheat - DELETE
  • Reveal Ranks - INSERT
  • Change GlowStyle - F1
  • Triggerbot Hold - alt
  • Toggle Triggerbot - V
  • Toggle BodyAim/HeadAim - F3

Attention! If you can't open the file, then disable your antivirus and Adblock. 

Hacks are stored in RAR or ZIP format, to unpack these archives using the programs
 WinZip,  WinRar,  7-Zip or any other archiver that supports these formats.

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