Friday, February 8, 2019

World of Tanks Zex ModPack V1

World of Tanks Zex ModPack V1 WOT Mod Hack Cheat Free Download

* All mods are adapted to the version
* XVM nightly builds Build 8765

* ZJ AimBotShaytan
* ZJ ContourLook
* ZJ HitMarker
* ZJ MarkerReload
* ZJ TargetDirection

* VANGA AimBOT By Stealthz & Lportii
* Shadow By Stealthz
* Remove destructible object
* RedBall By Limarik
* Destroyed Objects On The Minimap By Stealthz
* Remove destructible object By Stealth

If you have a problem with sound, go to %appdata%, \ AppData \ Roaming \ \ WorldOfTanks and delete preferences.xml

If you have a weaker PC, do not use the XVM, decreases FPS!!!

If you use prohibited modes, you are risking to be banned !!!

Modpack Include:

Auto_Equip, Automatic Extinguisher, Blue dead tank and white tracks, Blue Neon Damage Panel By Andre_V & GambitER, Green Neon Damage Panel By Andre_V & GambitER, ColoredLasers, Coloured marks hits, Contour icons, Crew extended, Destroyed objects on the minimap, Female crew, Golden tank, Gun_marker, SafeShot, Shadow By Stealthz, Skills crew in the battle,  Tundra Script, Visible Railway,  wn8 in battle,  xvm by zex,  YasenKrasen_SessionStatistics,  ZJ_AimBotShaytan,  ZJ_ContourLook,  ZJ_MRL, ZJ_TargetDirection,  …

In this version of the installer you can choose the full installation, installation without xvm, installation without cheat modes and custom installation.

You can always uninstall by running the uninstaller from the control panel or start menu.

Install mods to the C:\Games\World_of_Tanks or where is your  World_of_Tanks folder

Video Tutorial:

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