Saturday, February 2, 2019

hash (#) v31 - premium external multi-cheat

hash (#)
version thirty one - february 1, 2019


# Assistance
- Aimbot
- Standalone RCS
- Slow aim
- Triggerbot
- Auto pistol
# Visuals
- Outline glow
- Model chams
- Engine radar
# Miscellaneous
- Rank revealer
- Hit sound
- Third person
- Bunnyhop
- Flash modifier
- FOV changer
- Coin spoofer
- Music kit spoofer
- Skybox changer
# Others
- Configuration system
- Color management
- Menu management
- Thread management


Friendly interface. Sleek visuals. Powerful functionality.
This project has been developed with these ideals in mind.
With your support and feedback, this project can continue to be curated. :)


1. Download and extract
2. Run the application (run as admin to avoid potential issues)
3. You should be greeted with a loading interface
4. Upon successful load, use the interface to enable/modify features


- False positives are due to the multiple compression/protection methods deployed on the executable, such as obfuscated entry-point code and MS-DOS header modification
- The only supported anti-cheat is VAC
- All official game modes such as competitive and danger zone are supported
- A default configuration should be created upon initial launch
- Credits to ocornut for imgui

Coin IDs:
Music Kit IDs:


 - Fixed huge performance drop
 - FoV changer no longer modifies viewmodel
 - Disabling fov changer now restores your default fov

 - Added aimbot position extrapolation
 - Added additional bone to dynamic bone scan
 - Aim punch is now prevented when using compensating recoil
 - cl_glow_native is now defaulted to 0
 - cl_glow_thread_update is now defaulted to 2
 - cl_aimbot_thread_update is now defaulted to 3
 - cl_aimbot_smooth_x is now defaulted to 40
 - cl_aimbot_smooth_y is now defaulted to 40
 - Improved performance
 - Added check for insufficient access permissions
 - Fixed resource spoofer not working online
 - Fixed certain players not being processed

Previous changes:

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