Tuesday, January 8, 2019

[01-08-19] HappyChams™ v1.2 "Speed, See Ghost, Wallhack"

Main features:
-See ghost
-Sneakspeed (use level 1 = no client error, others, move carefully or error) * EXCEPT ON MAP RESORT, NO ERROR
-Crouchspeed (move carefully or error, on all levels) *EXCEPT ON MAP RESORT, NO ERROR
-Save/load settings (BROKEN/NOT FINISHED​

-Insert to toggle menu​
-End = panic key (hide menu, turn all features off)​
-Click menu to turn stuff on/off​

Known bugs/limitations:​
-Sometimes the hack will cause CF to crash or get an error message or close. It's rare but it does happen

HOW TO USE THE HACK: Inject with Extreme Injector using these EXACT settings:​
-Injection method: Manual map​
-Scrambling: Extreme​
-Close on inject: yes​
-Auto inject: yes​
-Stealth inject: yes​
-Inject delay: 500​
-Erase pe: yes​
-Hide module: yes​
-Start in secure mode: yes​

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