Friday, December 7, 2018

Anti screenshot(after being reported)

Anti screenshot(after being reported)
simple introduction:
How does it work?
Method 1: Stops documents from being writable, meaning GM_COMMAND image cannot be created, and therefore cannot be sent on the server.

Method 2: Whenever VK_SNAPSHOT is clicked, the program will immediately erase the clipboard data containing the screenshot/snapshot.

Sidenote: It doesn't work if you're using detected functions, it doesn't stop other players from sending reports, it simply stops your pc from sending screenshots.

Why you should use this: Whenever you are reported a few times, the server will send a request which will activate SendInput || keybd_event on your computer. All visual hacks, including visual mods will be seen in the image, and that image will be sent to the server.

VirScan:: Jotti

VirScan:: VirusTotal

How to use:

Tested 4 days ago until now, I wasn't banned currently diamond1. It would be safer to use just aimbot and esp from trusted coders like xmaze from mh.

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