Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A leaked No Man’s Sky trailer promises new biomes, harsher environments and much more

Hello Games' forthcoming 'Visions' update will also feature archeology, fireworks and rainbows.

Hello Games is preparing to roll out the third No Man's Sky update for the year in the form of 'Visions'. While it's not yet officially announced by the studio, an unlisted video has emerged on YouTube detailing the many updates and additions the expansion will deliver.

The biggest focus is on environment diversity. "Exotic new worlds make exploration more exciting than ever," claims the trailer, while existing planets will be more "varied, vibrant and colourful". The trailer features the text "5x planetary biomes", but I'm not sure whether that means there are five times more than there used to be, or just five more.

Also, folks: there will be rainbows. But if rainbows are too nice for you, expect harsher environments and climates where "precious new materials" can be foraged. Skies and "atmospherics" are being improved, too, and there will be more numerous anomalous planets.