Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Survival game Green Hell made me so mad I pummeled an innocent armadillo

Survival game Green Hell made me so mad I pummeled an innocent armadillo

I've only been in the Amazon for about eleven seconds and I've already got a rash. I spawned in the jungle, looked around, took two steps forward, brushed up against a bush, and wound up immediately covered with tiny spiders. As a result, my arm has broken out in an unpleasant rash, which oddly enough, makes me immensely happy. I've never had a rash in a game before! I love when a game gives me a completely new experience, even if it's an unpleasant one.

It also gives me a goal I've never had before (in a game, at least): cure my rash! That turns out to be extremely difficult, because hours later I've been killed a dozen times from falls, wounds, venom, arrows, disease, and dehydration, and I eventually get so frustrated I find myself squatting in the dirt and pummeling an innocent armadillo with my bare fists out of sheer frustration.

This is Green Hell, an Early Access first-person survival game that feels a lot like The Forest only it's set in the rain forests of the Amazon. The tutorial gives you the basics of crafting, health, and keeping your bearings, as well as explaining why you're lost in the Amazon with a high-tech watch but no matches or food. And a rash.

I like a lot of things about Green Hell immediately. You've got a cool wristwatch that acts as a compass and a status indicator, displaying your health and hydration. The crafting system is entirely sensible in that one stick + one rock = one stone axe. To make a spear you need a stick, a sharp rock, and a vine. Are you paying attention, other survival games that require more than one stick and more than one rock to make a stone axe? Green Hell has put you on notice.

I also like how you have to inspect your body to see what affliction(s) you've got by actually looking at your limbs and moving them around with the mouse. My spider rash, for example, shows up as inflamed bumps on my arm. Walk through a puddle and you might pick up a few leeches, which you can pluck off and drop with your mouse while staring down at your legs in horror. If a worm burrows under your skin while you sleep, and they will, you can—wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

The first step in Green Hell, unfortunately, is not to cure my rash but to build a shelter. I say unfortunately because having a shelter is the only way you can save your game. I'm not a fan of games that don't just let you save whenever you want, and I'm especially not a fan of getting killed by a leopard while I'm trying to build a shelter so I can save my game, which is exactly what happens. I've crafted an axe, chopped down some trees, gathered some sticks, and I'm just putting on the finishing touches (placing a lot of palm leaves on top) when a leopard runs up and claws me to death.

Thanks Pc gamer