Monday, October 22, 2018

Should I buy a G-Sync or FreeSync gaming monitor?

gaming monitor. As we approach the Black Friday season, when tons of gaming monitors will be available at a discount, one of the biggest questions you'll have to address is: "Should I buy a G-Sync or FreeSync display?"

Before we look at answering that question, here’s a quick refresher on what these technologies are. Traditional displays that don’t natively support any form of adaptive sync have a fixed refresh rate, meaning they will display frames at a constant rate regardless of the framerate your games are running at. So if you are playing a game at 35 FPS and your monitor is refreshing at 60Hz, the monitor will regularly display two frames at once, resulting in what is called screen tearing.

You can get rid of screen tearing by turning on vsync in the game’s display options, but vsync can cause an even less desirable effect on your gaming experience, called stuttering. With vsync enabled, a game will stutter if your computer renders frames below the refresh rate of your display, often switching between 30fps and 60fps in a jarring manner.

Thanks Pc Gamer