Wednesday, October 10, 2018

POS external V6 | Updated: 10/9/18 | Glow with health, radar, triggerbot, bhop, more

POS external V6 | Updated: 10/9/18 | Glow with health, radar, triggerbot, bhop, more

Just an update due to the time the previous version was out. added a new little feature, performance should be improved a little as well.

Use at your OWN risk.
Be smart. Before use please check this thread to see if anyone has reported anything negative.


Glow, can toggle teammates on/off;
Glow, enemys show green at 100% health, and slowly transition to red as they lose health(around 10% health left is nearly solid red). Glow bright white when they are defusing the bomb;
Radar, map at the top of your screen shows the enemy's positions a all times as long as they are within range(currently enabled when glow is enabled);
Triggerbot, shoot enemy's automatically when your crosshair crosses their players(very OP with a scout/awp and deagle;
Triggerbot keys, F2 to toggle or hold one of your extra side mouse buttons(hold is active, release is inactive. overwrites F2 toggle);
Triggerbot delay, adjust the delay from when you cross the target to when you actually shoot with +-;
Bunnyhop, everyone knows what this is i hope.

Toggle Hotkeys:
F1 = Bunnyhop;
F2 = Triggerbot;
mouse xbutton1 = hold Triggerbot
F6 = Glow;
F7 = Toggle teammate glow on/off;
F8 = Radar on/off;
NUMPAD 1 = noflash on/o
NUMPAD+ = add delay +25
NUMPAD- = subtract delay -25

 example video

Download Here:

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