Monday, October 22, 2018

Eight valuable gadget tricks in Rainbow Six Siege

The complexity of Rainbow Six Siege is both a blessing and a curse. When trying to get a handle on all 42 operators’ unique gadgets, the task of learning the intricacies and interactions between them all feels insurmountable. To help you better understand how different gadgets can interact with the map and compliment each other, we’ve broken down eight common gadget tricks that you’ll find in Siege.

Courtesy of Varsity Gaming on YouTube.

Bandit Tricking
Bandit tricking is a strategy as old as Siege itself. A large part of Siege’s meta revolves around the struggle between defenders and attackers over the reinforced walls of the objective. Gaining access to far sight lines is a big advantage for the attackers, so the fate of a round sometimes hinges on a few key walls. To guard against the hard breaching power of Thermite and Hibana, Bandit’s batteries can electrify the walls and zap enemy gadgets dead. But if the attackers also bring along the EMP grenades of Thatcher, then Bandit’s batteries are typically destroyed before they can protect anything.

To get around this hard counter for Bandit, players created what is now known as the Bandit trick. It’s done by waiting to place your battery on a wall until you hear a hard breacher placing their charge. If this is timed correctly, the battery will zap the breaching charges before they can go off. The Bandit then picks the battery back up, protecting it from a retaliating Thatcher, and repeats the process again if needed. The trick has since been embraced by Ubisoft as a legitimate part of the meta.

Valkyrie camera placement
Valkyrie is quietly powerful. Her Black Eye cameras can be thrown and stuck almost anywhere on the map and provide invaluable intelligence for your team, in addition to giving dead players something useful to do with their downtime. But after years of being spotted by her cams, players have learned how to quickly scan a room and destroy them.

To avoid this regrettable fate, you’ll have to get extra crafty and find some good hiding spots. Hiding a cam where no one would ever find it is easy enough, but finding a stealthy vantage point that’s still useful to the team is an art of its own. Load up a custom game and experiment with different spots. Avoid predictable corners and try to think lower instead of higher. Break open a box or glass cabinet and slip a camera in.

Shoot a discreet hole in a wall between two rooms and keep a camera there to watch both at once. And most importantly, try to get a useful camera outside. This will be the most difficult, since you only have a few seconds after the round starts to toss the cam before attackers notice. Practice landing the camera in trees or bushes to best hide it.

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