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Skush v2.19 [MPGH Exclusive, External]

Skush v2.19 [MPGH Exclusive, External] CSGO Counter Strike Global Offensive Mods Cheats Hacks Free Download


- Weapon Configs
- Triggerbot
- Before Delay
- After Delay
- Scope Check (Only shoots if your weapon is scoped)
- Flash Check
- Always Active (Triggerbot will shoot without your Hold-Key)
- Hold Key
- Target
- Enemies / Allies / All
- RCS (Recoil-Control-System)
- Pitch / Yaw / Smooth

- Player Glow
- Filter
- Allies / Enemies
- Mode
- Outline / Full / Bloom
- Color
- Custom / Health / Rainbow / Random / None (Highlight only)
- Highlight
- Planting / Defusing / Flashed / Visible
- Entity Glow
- Filter
- Pistols / Rifles / Snipers / MG's / SMG's / Shotguns / C4 / Gear / Nades
- Mode
- Outline / Full / Bloom
- Color
- Custom / Rainbow / Random
- Chams
- Filter
- Allies / Enemies
- Color
- Custom / Health / Rainbow / Random / None (Highlight only)
- Highlight
- Planting / Defusing / Flashed / Visible

- No Flash
 - Strength
- No Hands
- No Scope
- No Shake
- No Smoke
- No Viewmodel
- FOV Changer
- Sniper Crosshair
- Spectator List
- Third Person
- Viewmodel Color
- Color
- Custom / Health / Rainbow / Random

- Custom Colors

[- Copy Lobby Link (Copies the link of your lobby to share it with your friends)] -Temporary Disabled
- Copy Match Info (Copies the Name, Rank, Wins, Money and SteamID of all players to share it with your friends)
[- Auto Accept (Auto accepts an incoming match)] -Temporary Disabled
- Auto Pistol
- Auto Strafe
- Bunnyhop Only (Strafes only if you are bunnyhopping)
- Bunnyhop
- Hold Key
- Chat Info (Spams player information in the chat (Name, Rank, Wins, Wins, Weapon, Money and Location))
- Leak Allies (Also spams informations about you allies)
- Send to All
- Clantag Changer
- Style (Sytles ending with "(A)" are animated)
- Time (A) / Health (A) / Weapon (A) / Random (A) / Skush (A) / Skush / [Skush] / [VALVᴱ] / 1337 / GOTV / NoName / Flood
- Fake Lag
- Length (Duration you will be lagging)
- Pause (Delay after lagging)
- Fast Reload (Auto switches your weapon for a faster reload time)
- Fast Sniper (Auto switches your sniper when you shoot)
- Hitsound (Plays the COD hitmarker sound if you hit a player)
- Volume
- Radar
- Rank Revealer (Shows the ranks of other players in the tabview)
- Spammer (Spams "Skush Multihack by OfficerX")
- Send to All
- Disc.ord Status (Example)

- Weapon Configs
- Custom StatTrak™
- Custom Wear (Lower = better)
- Custom Seed
- Custom NameTag


- Play CS:GO in "Fullscreen Windowed" mode in order to use the GUI
- You will have to login only once every update of Skush
- If you have any question about this cheat read the FAQ blow before posting
- Asking questions which are answered in the FAQ will result in a temporary ban (From Skush)

Q: Is the cheat undetected?
A: Nobody here is working for valve so we can't know it.

Q: When comes a new update?
A: I usually do updates every 24 hours but please don't spam if it takes longer.

Q: When will you add an Aimbot?
A: There is no ETA, but I will for sure.

Q: Should I run the cheat before or after I start CS:GO / Steam?
A: It doesn't matter.

Q: Can I use this cheat on faceit, esea, etc?
A: Most likely not (Only if the anticheat is server-sided).

Q: The cheat is not even starting.
A: Try to run the cheat as administrator / Disable your antivirus or make an exception for the cheat / (Re)Install the latest version of .Net Framework / Install all windows updates
If that didn't work I can't help you.

Q: Does the cheat work with the newest CS:GO update?
A: The cheat should work after every "small" update (Panorama for example broke the cheat in the past).
If not you'll get an error and the cheat force closes.

Q: Is the cheat still safe after a CS:GO update?
A: Yes, CS:GO updates aren't VAC updates.

Q: Why does my download get blocked?
A: Disable your antivirus or make an exception for the download folder and retry the download.

Q: Why can't I unpack the cheat, the archive is damaged or broken?
A: Try to use another program like 7-Zip or some online tools.

Q: Where can I find my configs?
A: Configs are stored in "Documents\Skush\Configs".

Q: How can I add my own Triggerbot / Bunnyhop HoldKey?
A: Open your config file and change the value of [Aim] -> "Triggerbot.HoldKey" / [Misc] -> "Bunnyhop.HoldKey" to the name or the decimal keycode of your desired key, save it and load the config in the "Config" tab. Keynames/codes can be found here.

Q: How can I set my own clantag?
A: Open you config file and change the value of [Misc] -> "Clantag.Style" to your desired clantag, save it and load the config in the "Config" tab. Keep in mind that the maximum lenght is 15.

Q: What are legit settings for FakeLag?
A: The default values are pretty legit. Decrease the "Lenght" and increase the "Pause" to make it look more legit. NOTE: By toggling on Thirdperson you can see how it looks like to other players!

Q: How can I set the location / position of the Spectator List?
A: Thats not possible right now. Maybe in future releases.

Q: How to use my own message for the Spammer?
A: That's not possible right now. Maybe in future releases.

Q: How to apply a custom skin with the Skin Changer?
A: You can only apply the official skins of each weapon.

Q: Can other players see my skins from the Skin Changer?
A: No, they are only visible for yourself (Client-sided).

Q: Why is my game lagging when I use the Skin Changer?
A: Turn off Auto Apply. To apply skins you will have to press the Hotkey (It may take a few tries).

Q: Where can I find the NetVar dumps?
A: NetVar dumps are stored in "Documents\Skush\Dumps".

Q: Can you add backtracking?
A: Not possible.

Q: The cheat disappered, where is it?
A: You can toggle the GUI with a Hotkey. By default its "Insert".

- In Thirdperson mode you cant swap weapons and/or do other things that would work in Firstperson
- Hitsound wont work if you took control over a BOT
- Some knife animations are "broken"
- The VAC error often triggers (The reason for this is unknown)

- Undetected: Self explaining
- Detected: Self explaining
- Unknown: Either detected or undetected (Use at your own risk)
- Outdated (1): There has been a CS:GO update and the cheat no longer works
- Outdated (2): An update of the cheat is available
- Modified: The MD5-Hash of the cheat doesn't match with the MD5-Hash in the database (Possible virus)
- Disabled: The cheat isn't accessable (A reason will be displayed in that case)

The "Undetected" status isn't 100% guaranteed.



v2.18 --> v2.19
- Minor fixes
- New signature

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