Saturday, September 15, 2018

Luci RoS Cheat 9-15-2018 - UPDATED September 15, 2018

Hack Rules of Survival
Luci RoS Cheat - UPDATED September 15, 2018


If you get this error
"Permission Denied VBScript" Just click OK

Step 1.
Open LuciRoS Cheat.exe Run as Administrator

Step 2.
Type  "ros.exe" in process name
Click "Add DLL" then go to LuciRoS Cheat FOLDER and choose "INJECTME.dll"
Step 3.
Open ROS GAME now then go to lobby

Step 4.
Press Inject (2x)  (Wait for BEEP Sound)

Press F10 to show/Hide Menu

Happy Cheating..!