Friday, August 10, 2018

10 Agustus 2018 - Sulfur 1.0 Support Crossfire Indonesia & Philippines Wallhack + Walkthrough (MOD Version)

Tutorial DX Mapper (Downlooad di google injectornya)

Fiture Cit / Cheat CF
Wallhack Mode
See Ghost
Bonus Fitur (kadang ada, kadang tidak)
Quick Change
1 Hit God Knife
1 Hit Zombie Mode
ESP Mode
Auto Headshoot

Tutorial Cit / Cheat CF
Download Cit Crossfirenya Dulu
Install dan next Next sesuai petunjuk di bagian FAQ dan CARA DOWNLOAD
Buka Cheat / Cit CF nya
Buka Crossfire
Play CF seperti biasa
Happy citing!!!!
*Matikan Antivirus termasuk Windows Defender = WAJIB!

Credit by
Pekalongan Community
Fitur VIP by Megacit

Download Here:

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