Monday, July 30, 2018

Fast CFREZ Injector V2 by JAY17

Fast CFREZ Injector V2 by JAY17
... probably the last, but hopefully not ...

To ensure that you're downloading the right file.
(these are the Checksums of the exe and not the zip file.)
MD5: 051F5645BFEC14327FD09DD611CE1D80
SHA256: 6ECC762AF242FDCA5954D1B0F886060A61EFFB1F095BA36FEF9FD296AB3FF58A

If you found any bugs, please report it here!
If this is useful to you, don't hesitate to thank me and give reputation.

Change Log (2.0):
- UI updated.
- Improved injection speed.
- Settings added.
- Command Line included.
- Inject without the original file removed.

Change Log (1.1):
- Unreleased version.
- Inject without the original file added.

Change Log (1.0 a.k.a. version alpha):
- Created.

1. For advance user only.
2. Feel free to explore.
3. Enjoy.

Download Here:

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