Tuesday, June 5, 2018

In Win's 2018 concept case marries PC hardware and fine art

This concept case is an aluminum sculpture that flies in the face of typical functional case design.

It's the first exhibition day of Computex 2018, and that means I had a morning mission: find In Win's booth. This case company always makes beautiful PC cases that go heavy on the glass, but that's not the big draw. The Computex booth every year has a crazy concept case to draw attention, and no matter how outlandish, In Win always makes a limited number to sell to those who can afford them. My favorite was 2015's transforming H-Tower, though last year's Winbot was pretty cute, too. This year In Win took a pretty different approach, but it's still one of the most striking cases at the show. It's called the Z-Tower.
This thing is a giant aluminum sculpture, made up of eight interconnected pieces. There's a vertical motherboard mount in the center that can house a working open-air PC, though In Win gave its designers free reign to create something that would look cool on its own, no PC required. A clever case modder could probably grow a tree in this thing.
Really, though, I think I know what the Z-Tower is destined for. It definitely looks like the perfect prop for the lobby of an evil corporation in a sci-fi movie. That one's free, Hollywood.