Monday, June 18, 2018

Fortnite is getting a stink bomb

"Coming soon."

Fortnite's arsenal of grenades is set to expand with the addition of a stink bomb that unleashes a cloud of gas that slowly damages anybody inside.
The item began popping up on the game's update feed earlier today, and is listed as "coming soon". The image above was posted on Reddit by user 1Kick234.
It's not clear just how thick the cloud of gas will be. It could act as a more powerful version of the smoke grenade, laying down a thick cloud to block vision while also damaging anyone inside. That wouldn't surprise me: Epic removed smoke grenades from the game because not enough people were using them, but the added damage could make this more viable.
Or it might produce a more transparent cloud that's used purely for damage and area denial. It'd be only the second grenade in the game that directly deals damage, after the standard grenade.
We likely won't have long to wait—items listed in the update feed normally make it into the battle royale shooter within a week or so.
The new grenade could coincide with the full reveal of season five, which—judging by the clues—might begin with a rocket launch.