Monday, June 11, 2018

Devolver Digital's E3 2018 show included gore, a homage to Robocop, actual game announcements

If you saw Devolver Digital's E3 conference last year, you'll have had an idea what to expect: host Nina Struthers doing a pitch-perfect impersonation of frightening corporate passion, gore, skits, and maybe some hints about actual games. This year's was a short one, though it did find time to reveal "lootboxcoin" and end with an homage to Robocop. In between, there were actual trailers for actual games including a remake of FromSoftware's Metal Wolf Chaos, a game in which the President of the United States puts on a mech suit to defeat a coup. You read that right.

They also showed a trailer for My Friend Pedro, a game about skateboarding while performing gun ballet which you might have seen some excellent gifs of. (During the conference this led into Nina Struthers setting a man on fire for arguing over the pronunciation of the word 'gif' because this is still Devolver we're talking about.) Croteam's prison-riot survival game SCUM has a new Early Access trailer for the occasion too. And that's it until next year, when Struthers will presumably return as a full-blown cyborg to murder some more people. Can't wait.


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