Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dark Souls New Game Plus Infinite mod might be its most gruelling yet

Relight my fire.

Those of you familiar with Dark Souls lore will know history is doomed to repeat itself in Lordran. But this is taking the piss.
There are a number of ways to make From Software's notoriously difficult Dark Souls more challenging—however Notaprofi's New Game Plus Infinite mod might be its most torturous yet.
Potentially worse than Bonewheels Everywhere, this project "extends difficulty growth of the New game pluses beyond NG+6," says its creator. "Each play-through the game will be getting harder and harder until you can't beat it. How far can you go?"
Also responsible for Pure Darkness, Notaprofi provides the following details on NG Plus Infinite:
  • After NG+6 the Health, Damage and Soul drop of enemies will be increased by 6% per cycle. The increase is exponential, i.e. in 10 cycles you get 80% increase, not 60%, in 50 cycles you will get enemies harder by factor of 18.
  • There is a way to progress through NG-cycles much faster, increasing enemies strength by 34% per playthough.
  • Four Kings health is tuned down so they won't be the bottleneck.
  • The mod will put any character to NG+7 when you load it. You can gear up a character with unmoded game and then go to NG+7 with it after installation of the mod. Alternatively, you can create a new character and have the "fresh start" challenge at NG+7. You can even go to NG+12 immediately, if you have an old save file at the end of playthough.
  • The characters, which you create/use with this mod, are usable in the standard (unmodded) game. Thereby you can use this mod to momentarily up the NG counter for your characters and do NG+6 playthrough with unmodded game.
"You can even go to NG+12 immediately." Bloody hell.
Notaprofi notes New Game Plus Infinite is exclusively compatible with Dark Souls' Prepare to Die edition, but should function with other mods installed. Full details can be found on its Nexus Mods page.