Sunday, June 10, 2018

Anthem will not have offline play

It's always-online for BioWare's new shared world shooter.

While BioWare says we can play Anthem alone, it turns out we can't do so offline. "You need to be online to play," said BioWare's Mark Darrah on Twitter.
That's a disappointment for anyone whose internet connection isn't up to the task, as the person Darrah was responding to indicated. It also reinforces that, while solo play is possible, it is not what BioWare is going for with this one (which is Destiny... it's going for Destiny, though there won't be any PvP).
We got some new Anthem gameplay footage out of EA Play today, and learned that it will not include any smooching. If you were hoping for a more traditional BioWare game, there is some good news on that front, too: a new Dragon Age and Mass Effect are both on the table, with the former being actively worked on, if by a small group.


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