Tuesday, April 17, 2018

[TedHax] Rules of Survival [1.1] [New Update] (04.17.18)

[Updates] (1.1)
1: I have added a requirements extractor so you don't need to download requirements.
1: Added RapidFire
2: Added No Recoil
3: Fixed WTW

Warning: We are not responsible if your account got banned, suspended!
Note: Must use anti report to avoid ban. (Download it below!

[TedHax] Rules of Survival [1.1]
(Easy steps)
Download the loader
Run Loader
Click LOAD
Start Rules of Survival
Happy Hacking

Download Here: http://pinoygameaccounts.blogspot.ae/2018/04/tedhax-rules-of-survival-11-new-update.html

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  1. sir missing dll dw cant start nka 4.6.1 n framework n q

  2. dont use that hack becoz is going 2 crust in pc and virus error

  3. Not that one. Don't use the Cheat Menu Display. Just use F1 - F9. Dont use autodrop, superjump, or walkthrough wall. Walkthrough water is ok. NO recoil is ok. Don't kill Bots.. If you have killed one, off cheats F8. Sundin nyu lang yan, kahit e report pa kayo, d kayu ma-ban. Tried and tested ko na. Any SERVER. Na banned America ko dahil ginamit ko ang CIT MENU. Again, don't use CIT MENU / Cheat Menu Display.

  4. palaging mag crash eh