Monday, April 9, 2018

Overwatch League player DreamKazper suspended following 'allegations'

The Boston Uprising DPS player is indefinitely suspended while the matter is investigated.

Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sanchez, has been indefinitely suspended from his team, the Boston Uprising, and the Overwatch League following allegations that arose on Twitter earlier today.
The "allegations" mentioned in the statements refer to a post, backed up by (currently unverified) screenshots, that says Sanchez engaged in extensive conversations, some of a sexual nature, with a reportedly 14-year-old fan, who says that she made Sanchez aware of her age early in their relationship. Sanchez is 21 years old.
Sanchez is the star DPS player for the Boston Uprising, which currently has a 14-8 record and sits in fourth place in the overall Overwatch League standings.  
The situation is currently under investigation by both the Boston Uprising and the Overwatch League. Neither organization has commented further than the above statements. Sanchez has currently not made a public statement on the matter either.