Tuesday, April 17, 2018

HP's 256GB SSD is just $60 from Walmart right now

The HP S700 Pro is a great budget option with DRAM caching.

I probably don't have to explain how awesome solid state drives are. SSD prices have been falling lately, to the point where you can score a great drive for under $100. If you're on a tight budget, or looking to upgrade one of your HDD-equipped computers, HP's 256GB S700 Pro drive is just $60 right now.
As you might expect, the S700 Pro is not the fastest SSD money can buy, but it's a great value. AnandTech reports a sequential read speed of ~570MB/s, and seq. writes of ~520MB/s. That's higher than most other SSDs in this price range, and the 256GB capacity with DRAM cache only adds to the value.
This is a great option for replacing the hard drive in an older PC, or if you're trying to build a gaming rig on a tight budget. You can buy it from Walmart's website.
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