Monday, April 16, 2018

Grimiore 3.9 Adventure Quest Worlds

I made an update to grimoire, so I'll call it 3.9 I guess..

Features added (AQW) Hacks / Cheats / Trainers
[Release] Grimiore 3.9
Thread: Grimiore 3.9

  • Testing servers added back, useful for some bots. Also I like it so you can farm CP at an area on the testing server
  • Updated UI added back, I used metro UI and Bunifu for some buttons too.
  • Along with the UI I've added a feature to change the theme and colors of the UI. It may not be perfect. if the theme doesn't change, change the color too then hit apply as that could be a little buggy

I plan to explore grimoire more if I can and see If I could add some cool new features.. So maybe I will.

Just thought I'd release this I've worked on a bit so people can utilize the testing servers with capabilities of 3.8 like features.

let me know if you have any issues or anything. feedback is always welcomed.

Credits to biney, also I used some code from @emoric28's source for themes

Packet features will work when you load the normal version of the game. However, in my testing alone I've found packet tools don't work on the testing servers.. I don't think thats too much of an issue but let me know if it is. it'd probably take recoding the as3 source that loads the testing client I assume

Opening grimoire 3.9

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