Sunday, March 25, 2018

Overwatch is testing nerfs to D.Va and Zenyatta, buffs for Reaper and Mei

Also introducing the new "avoid as teammate" feature.

Blizzard is testing a handful of hero balance changes on the latest Overwatch PTR, including nerfs for the super-popular D.Va and Zenyatta, while the underperforming Reaper and Mei get some buffs. Here's what's changing:
D.Va: The explosive damage of her Micro Missiles has been reduced from six to four.
"D.Va’s burst potential is a bit too high, and her Micro Missiles are a major part of that," read the developer comments. "Currently each missile deals 3 impact damage and 6 explosive damage. We’re reducing explosive damage from 6 to 4 but leaving the impact damage the same, the net result being 22 percent damage reduction."
Mei: Her Endothermic Blaster now pierces through enemies, making it so she can freeze multiple targets at once if they are grouped up.
"This change helps Mei combat multiple targets that are clumped up and also makes it easier to keep her freezing a specific target if another enemy gets in the way," Blizzard said. "In addition, this change helps her ultimate more consistently be able to freeze more targets, especially if they are near each other. Note: While her shots now pierce enemies, they still do not pierce barriers such as Reinhardt’s shield."
Reaper: He now reloads his Hellfire Shotguns after using his ultimate, Death Blossom. Wraith Form, his escape method, has also increased the movement speed bonus from 25 to 50 percent, and you can now cancel the ability by pressing shift or the primary fire key.
"These changes help Reaper use Wraith Form more consistently as an escape, but they also open up new options, such as chasing down key targets," Blizzard said.
Zenyatta: The secondary-fire of his Orb of Destruction (his charged-up right-click) has had the rate of fire reduced by 15 percent.
"Zenyatta is meant to be able to deal a lot of damage, especially for a support, but his alternate fire burst damage was a bit too high," Blizzard said. "This change keeps the overall damage the same but lowers the DPS slightly and makes it harder to hit multiple shots at very long ranges."
Some visual changes have also been made to several of Moira's abilities, mainly making them much easier to see through. Biotic Grasp and Fade both increase in transparency the closer you are to a target, while Coalescence also becomes more transparent the closer its visual effects are to a player's camera.
"Due to issues with visibility, we have made most of Moira’s visual effects fade away the closer they are to the camera. We have also made modifications to Coalescence to greatly increase the ability for foes and allies alike to see through it when facing it," Blizzard said.
The map Blizzard World has been tweaked slightly, moving the first payload checkpoint back 10 meters.
"We moved the checkpoint back for two reasons," Blizzard explained. "The original location swung the map’s balance too far in one direction (favoring the defenders). Also, once the payload reached the checkpoint, defenders returning from spawn could get pinned in this area, usually resulting in their death"
Finally, there's a heap of bug fixes, some user interface and menu changes, a new voice line for Mercy's ultimate, and the new "avoid as teammate" feature. As always, PTR balance updates are subject to change.