Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fortnite removes Boogie Bomb to combat unlimited weapon carry glitch

Temporarily disabled in the Battle Royale shooter.

Fortnite's Boogie Bomb—which makes your opponents dance on the spot while you watch, laugh, and then shoot them in the head—has been temporarily removed from the game after a player discovered that it allows you to carry an infinite number of weapons and items.
The glitch, as detailed in this thread (with a video), shows the player throwing down the Boogie Bomb at his or her feet and busting a few moves. When the animation is over, they're able to pick up an unlimited number of items, which could be game-breaking: imagine bringing as many shield potions and med kits as you wanted into the later stages of a game.
Epic spotted the thread and has removed the item from the game, pending a fix.
No word on when it'll be back, but I shouldn't suspect it will take long.
The removal comes at the end of a mammoth week for the Battle Royale shooter, in Drake (yep, the Drake) and Ninja's session in the game broke Twitch's single-stream viewer record, and Epic began testing its mobile port, which will support crossplay with the PC version. James was suitably impressed when he tried it out.
A new limited-time Blitz mode featuring shorter matches is incoming next week.