Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pandora external by DKing [Massive features]

Rules of Survivals Pandora external by DKing [Massive features] ROS Mod Cheat Download

Pandora by DKing

One-step from a commercial hack... for free

The hack itself is external. except wallhack function, which inject (mmap) dll into game.

Butthurt: Source is not to be released. Sorry for those who concerned. Tho if you need some help like the technique I used, questions are welcome. -rep me.

Discord link is removed due to violation of community rule #3.
Do not pm me for contact/discord or shit.

This is the final public version. Have some last fun dudes. (No Im not to sell it either. dont pm me for further updates.)

Update in V2.2
Stupid option of transparency is removed. Now transparency is toggled automatically.
Added toggle of aimbot. No more conflict with shift.
Fixed Aimbot avaliability.
Improved Aimbot. Cursor is no more popping out.
Improved menu layout. Now resizable and with scrollbar.

Update in V2.1
Fixed wallhack (remove duplicate injection)
Fixed telekill lock&tp
Fixed initial window pos when game minimized.
Fixed aim offset with y-= 1000/(20+distance)
Disabled aimbot when scope != 1

Update in V2
Added Aimbot


Item filters
ESP Range control
Customizable ESP tag
Multiple Screen Supported
Unclickable tag/line
Target Lock
Middle Mouse to Lock, Hold Shift to attach/aim
Two Teleport Mode
Physical Teleport
Temporary Teleport
Target Lock
Two Telekill Mode
positive: (you -> enemy) (with target lock)
passive: (enemy -> you) (works poorly)
Telekill Offset Control
Massacre (nuke) (not really works) (only use this when you drive a fast car)

Cham (Color bar x3)

Wallhack (Internal, Manual Map with blackbone)

Ninja (Hide Underground)

Instant Scope (x1 - x16)
Mouse XButtons to +- Scope
Coordinates(Physical & LocalPlayer's) (control bar group x2)
Move Speed
Jump Height
Ground Offset(sky walk)

Download Pandora V2.2
Pandora V2.1 Unavaliable. Removed by mod. idk why
Download Pandora V2 (buggy, unrecommended)

Game ultra quality @ 20% CPU, 20% GPU 0
Menu with ESP on: Pandora.exe @ 5% CPU, 12%GPU 0; explorer.exe @ 15% CPU, 40% GPU 0 (transparency rendering)
My GPU 0 is trash, take it easy.

"The Menu does not work for me!"
* The menu may not works well on win7. tiy.
* Runtime Error imgui_draw.cpp Ln.1526: Grab a font "msyh.ttc" somewhere else and put it into your C:\Windows\Fonts\
* If your windows cannot display menu normally, try to
enable windows performance options(solved by @ashurasennin)
enable windows visual effect.
enable Aero
* If these tips do not help, turn to another hack pls. I have no idea.

* The menu has no significant dependencies, or any priv/seq requirments. do what you like with it. If not crashing like it used to be ...

Known Bugs
* Not working on Windows 7. Give up dude.
* Cannot find bones.

The tool is developed and released under educational purpose only.

DarthTon (Blackbone)
ocornut (imgui)
Finz Rus
3sachhacker (a lot of info)
xiderowg (tips on aimbot)