Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Jetpacks are 'coming soon' to Fortnite

"Take the flight to all new heights."

Think of a compromising situation, a worst-case-scenario type dealio. Got one? Okay, now add a jetpack into that mix. Better, right? If there's a circumstance that jetpacks can't make better I'm yet to hear it.

Fortnite understands this, which I imagine is why jetpacks are "coming soon" to its Battle Royale variation.

At this stage it's unclear when or even how jetpacks will be applied. I grabbed the screenshot above after logging in, and besides boasting a gold background—reserved for legendary items—nothing else is mentioned in the game's launcher. Epic hasn't officially announced anything either, and whether jetpacks will be cosmetic items or have tangible in-game value remains to be seen.
Pockets of players on the game's subreddit have suggested the new tool could be a portable version of the jump pad, while others pine for fully-fledged air-based combat. Naturally, I've my fingers crossed for the latter but I guess time will tell.
I suspect Epic will rely on its official channels to make the reveal whenever it's ready, however we've reached out to the developer in any event. We'll report back as and