Monday, February 5, 2018

DopeSkid II Electric Boogaloo (300M GTA5 at once cuz skid)

GTA 5 DopeSkid II Electric Boogaloo (300M GTA5 at once cuz skid) Cheat Download

So yeah Trend-Chan didn't give up yet it seems and he made another update even if he doesn't sell much (or anything at all). This one seems to be safe but as always be careful trend doesn't have basic coding knowledge and is a shitty paster he didn't even improve the auth since last crack like wtf nigger and he took like 3 weeks to fix this piece of shit. Well just make sure you DON'T BUY this menu because i'll keep cracking it till it dies so not worth it bro. If you buy this menu U GAY lol

@DireDan - Origin base :kms:
Redhunter and Maxizz - 1.40 base (i guess they made all the features because the base was made by diredan)
Sub1to and @MikeRohsoft - Doesn't mention anything but well they probably helped with a lot of shit because they are very nice people.
@stichbash - Official
@paulth2gaming - Robust
Trend Gaming Channel (aka Trend-Chan) pasting code and selling it for 30 usd.
Enough007 cracking this shit and removing links to his piece of shit youtube channel that has videos at 15 fps.

Log in Info:
name: enough007
License: CPuyhi-SFgCGJ-bBIlGt-Sx1vp8-gSaBTN-+qds4e-Jiz76N-t7iGB+-8Laruj-bsVFlA-WGfySD-O55vL6-B0+S9O-64Y3PW-IsxNCo-LgumrE-5Wu8mW-xZGtDg-xY=7nX-BxRUCl-UntaQN-DKUdRX

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