Saturday, January 6, 2018

[RMLG PUBLIC] External CrossHair v1.0

Crossfire [RMLG PUBLIC] External CrossHair v1.0 Mod Cheat Download

[RMLG PUBLIC] External CrossHair v1.0

***Yes I know this tool has a lot of caveats. It's my first one I made that works, so go easy with the flaming please :/

Tested on:
CrossFire-ARX Private Server with Windows 10 64-bit (Working)
All others untested. Please post back results after testing *WITH A NOOB ACCOUNT*. Do not test with your main.

I am not responsible for any bans 
Theoretically this could work for any game, so go ahead and test it if you want 

**Note to the user: if you want to toggle it, just start/close the program etc. I tried adding a toggling Hotkey (VK_DELETE), it simply caused issues where if I did it in the middle of a re-draw, it would leave like, half a crosshair.

-Ability to pick the size.
-Ability to pick the R,G,B colors of it.

How to use:
1. Start the .exe included in the "RMLG" zipped folder.
2. Configure it (type in the desired number for each step, then press enter to continue to the next step).
3. Profit???

That's it for now. I'll release a new version soon with new styles of crosshair, some presets, etc.
This will be updated as long as I feel like it; you are not entitled to my programs.



Credits: Dead_Hell (Reason: his SetPixel cross-hair example).
SMOKe (Maybe? I think he just stole it) (Reason: same thing as Dead_Hell).
Me (@Goocolax) (Reason: Putting it all together).

Download Now!!!