Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fortnite launches in Korea and celebrates with a bizarre video

30 seconds of dancing and yelling in bright costumes gets the message across.


As of 8:00 am ET this morning, Fortnite went live in Korea. Besides a small patch that adds Korean language support, the occasion also was marked by the release of a Korean commercial. Some people get dressed in wacky costumes then dance and yell for a while. I can't translate what they guy is saying, but I can imagine he's explaining what Fortnite is in a punchy, enticing way. I don't speak Korean, but it feels honest. I want the product. Damn! They got me.
Fresh off a map overhaul and a new benchmark of 2 million concurrent players and 40 million lifetime players (on all platforms), introducing Fortnite to a new territory is a big step for Epic Games. This battle royale thing shows no signs of stopping.
Korea also happens to be the home turf of PUBG developer Bluehole. The two biggest battle royale games are now fighting over most of the same turf. A battle royale battle royale. My prediction? They coexist.