Wednesday, January 31, 2018

DannyMODS : Anti Invisible for Male and Female Good for Rank Match - January 31, 2018

Ito na ang silbing Gabay para mapatay nyo na Nakakabwesit na Invi Users sa FFA Rank Match!

Proof :


= With No Anti Invi =

= With Anti Invi =



= With No Anti Invi =

= With Anti Invi =


Syempre, All Animations na yan /gewd3/gewd3
Injector ? Don't worry, nasa loob na sya ng File /aok/aok

Inject - M-MOTION.LTB to [DM]M-Anti-Invi.LTB for Male
Inject - M-MOTION_BLUE.LTB to [DM]F-Anti-Invi.LTB for Female

Password : DannyMODSrocks

Made by : DannyMODS - 01-31-18

@Forgotten Feelings ~ 
and Other Coders/Modders Here in RAML /baba/baba

ENJOY /gassum/good/gassum

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