Saturday, December 16, 2017

|| ENZINE FREE || UNDETECTED || 12/16/17 | Pasted Cheat | Good For Backtrackng | V1.4

Hi guys, this is my first csgo release... which is a paste =/
(1.2) fixed issue where backtrack doesnt work
(1.3) backtracking made more legit
(1.4) csgo crashes when enabling some esp and misc settings

Thanks to BigSh0y and EnzineCSGO for making the original. this is just my own paste
Features :

- pistols use psilent
- snipers use aimbot
- everything else uses rcs + aim
- sniper aimspot is pelvis
- everything else is head

- triggerkey is alt
- static delay of 100ms

- allows you to shoot the enemy at their previous position

Backtrack indicator
- shows the ticks of the enemys previous position you can hit

- glow
- skeleton
- health

- jumps as soon as you hit the ground

Recoil Crosshair
- a crosshair that shows the recoil position


Types of BANS

VAC Ban - It scanned your computer's memory and found a [Detected] hack running on your computer. The hack you used is indeed [Detected].

Permanently Untrusted Ban - Scanned actions from aim hack/triggerbot/recoil. The hack you used is NOT [Detected] But the injector also can be detected.

Overwatch Ban - Anti-Cheating Valve Investigators watched you playing and deemed you to be hacking on your account. The hack you used is NOT [Detected].

ht t ps:/ /ww w.virus m/ #/fi le/76e4 02e0e940 0b920e9fabd 8d97adfc3ad6 405a3cf2e167c dcdc82498 803091/de ection
h ttps:/ /vir usscan.jott i.o rg/e n-U S/files canjob/eqg 8ki4r3t


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