Wednesday, December 27, 2017

CrossFire Account Generator NA&EU - NonD3fined

Hi guys, I want to release this tool I made that allows you to create CrossFire NA and EU accounts in just one click!
It could be useful in some situations
Hope to get some feedback and suggestions!


  • Generate CrossFire NA accounts
  • Generate CrossFire EU accounts
  • Automatically set as login ID so that you only have to write the password
  • Easypassword, simply put '000000' as password for faster login

In what is different from other similar tools?
  • All the randomly generated data(user,mail,nickname,psw) are going to be ok for the registration 100%. That's because it checks them with z8games and gamerage servers.
  • Same for your input, you will know instantly if the user you entered is already in use!
  • No webbrowser element has been used. All of these tools use webbrowser to register, but it is really slow, it generate scripts errors and something easily goes wrong. So the last one:
  • Depending on your internet connection : is really fast.

Simply start the application and press "Generate", you can change data,or refresh it.
If you want to switch to EU generator, press the big icon in the top-left corner of the window!

Known bugs
  • Sometimes it can crash during closing.
  • Sometimes the registration goes wrong, you can try pressing "Generate" button again or restart the application!


Zip password : NonD3fined (Hope it's not a problem the zip password, i already scan this zip)

VirusTotal [0/59] :
Jotti's Malware Scan [0/18] :

Important: you will have to keep the dlls in the same folder with the exe to make it works!
I ask the Mod to remove the unpacked versione before publish the .zip. Thank you!

Download Now

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