Friday, December 15, 2017

Cheat & Hacks Special Force2 SEA 15 Desember 2017

General Information :
Publisher : Asiasoft
Game Engine : UE 3
Anti Cheats : Xigncode
Official site : Playpark
coder : mrsnapznet
Status : Undetected
Expired : 1 Day
Last Updated : 15 Desember 2017
Region : Philipina – Indonesia – Malaysia – Vietnam – Singapore

Basic Information
Before Download and using mrsnapznet free cheats and hacks you must Know,

  1. Downloading file automatic installing unknown program
  2. Downloading file automatic make your internet browser set to unknown page

Can i clean my computer after downloading program ?
sure, you can easy cleaning your computer from unknown program with adwcleaner

Can I Protect my computer with AV before download ?
not all antivirus can help your computer from automatic unknown installer , you can protect your computer with Deepfreeze or Shadow Defender. And antivirus can make cheats/hacks corrupted because all cheat/hacks packed and protected from unknown users

Why Not Upload at another site ?
Please dont complaint about it, for make cheat / hacks and building site im spending time, money, mind and many can help us for still alive

Bored with AdwCleaner, Deepfreeze, and Shadow ?
You can buy premium cheats/hacks , clean from unknown installer

Tutorial :
Before using hack your computer must normal (no detect without hack)
1. Download and extract file Download dan extract
2. Right click File and Run as adminstrator klik kanan dan run as admin
3. Login and Select Active And Load login dan pilih aktif dan load
4. Start Game start game
5. Login login
6. Detected detect
7. Re- Start Game start ulang
8. Undetected tidak terdeteksi
if still detected just restart your computer and start game without run file jika tetap terdeteksi restart komputer dan start game tanpa mengaktifkan cheat kembali
For Remove Hack : Close all program at your computer (chrome, firefox, etc), run file and wait 5 sec and then close !! untuk menonaktikan cheat yang menyangkut, tutup semua program yang berjalan, lalu jalankan file cheat tunggu 5 detik dan close

Free Special Force2 Feature 2
remove flashbang effect
skin hack enemies

Esp Name
Esp Line
Esp Box
Esp Box 3D
Esp Health
Esp Skeleteon

remove recoil
unlimited ammo
damage settings (promote site)
wallshoot / superbullet (promote site)

anti screenshoot
anti kick
anti hit
respawn 0 sp
enemy down (promote site)
key enemy down (promote site)

smooth aimbot
aimbot mode
visible check

Turn On capslock for navigate menu (must ingame)
Turn Off Capslock for remove lag
if crash when first join game, Relogin and make training room set your hack at training room

Free Operating System 2
32 bit
64 bit

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