Saturday, November 25, 2017

The best Google deals of Black Friday 2017: Google Home Mini, Chromecast, Google Wifi

Google’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year will be all about the home. So if you’re hoping to score a deal on the new Pixel 2 smartphones during this long weekend’s shopping events, I have some bad news. In fact, it doesn’t appear that any of the Pixel-branded devices announced back in October will be discounted, or at least the company hasn’t announced anything yet and we’re just 48 hours away from kickoff.
Here’s what you can expect, though.
The best Google product to buy on Black Friday
Google will be discounting its Google Home speakers and Chromecast dongles, both of which are great stocking stuffers or an affordable gift for friends and family. The Google Home Mini, announced in October, will see the steepest discount, dropping down from $49 to $29 with a $10 store credit, which effectively makes the device as cheap as $19.
If you do not want store credit to the Google Store, a ton of retailers are also offering store credit when you buy the Mini. eBay’s price-matching offer nets you a $10 eBay gift card, while Best Buy and Target will also offer $10 store credits for future purchases. Walmart will offer $25 credit off a future order when made through Google Express. This deal essentially gets you a Google Home Mini for just $4.
Other good deals
The full-sized Google Home will also see a discount down from $129 to $79 in the Google Store, Best Buy, and Target, with Walmart offering the same $25 Google Express credit when linking your accounts. Sorry, no major discounts on the Google Home Max.
Both the Chromecast and Chromecast Audio will be discounted from $35 to $25 in the Google Store, with Walmart and Best Buy offering the best deal at $20 for the regular Chromecast dongle. The Chromecast Ultra will see its price drop from $69 to $54.
So it boils down to this: the Walmart and Google Express deal offers two coupons per household, so if you’re looking to score multiple Minis for the house, be prepared to pick your favorite retailer and stock up on the colorful little speakers.


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