Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Our favorite webcam is on sale for $45

This the lowest price we've seen for the Logitech C920.

We've seen Logitech's C920 webcam on sale before, but it's current price on Amazon is a new low, at $44.52.
That's a great price for a stellar product. The C920 is our current top pick in webcams, as it offers excellent picture quality and has a wide field of view that can be useful for group settings. Normally a wide FOV could be a problem when live streaming gameplay, but Logitech's software makes it easy to digitally zoom in and adjust the frame size without a noticeable drop in quality.
There is a higher end version of this webcam, the C922, that can do 1080p at 60 frames per second and has a built-in background removal tool. However, it costs quite a bit more at $100. The C920, meanwhile, offers the same fidelity, but at 30 fps and at less than half the price currently.
You can grab the C920 on sale here.
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