Friday, November 24, 2017

Cars Ultimate Dual Flyhack . invi

Crossfire Cars Ultimate Dual Flyhack . invi CFPH Mod Cheat Download

Hello mga K RL. I created a dual control fly hack. para mag work sa TDship , blackwidow and zombie mod. and this time ay iba iba and simple na ang control.

Td ship flyhack controls: w + space space space .
You can fly as high as you want nang hindi ka namamatay sa taas unless barilin ka dahil hindi ito invisible version ng flyhack pag sa td ship ka


control + space space space hangang pinakamataas kana then pwde kana lumakad (invi)

Black window controls:
you can use w + space space space (not invi)


control + space space space ( invisible)

other maps flyhack controls:
controls: control + space space space space (invisible)

credits @DannyMODS @-Bladymyr @SHOOTER-X @Logan1233

note: pag sa td ship ka always remember ang control ay w + space space space and hndi ka namamatay kahit gaanu pa kataas ang lilipadin mo

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