Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cars= Triple Invisible in 1 mod = 1 tumbling , 1 no visual on land and 1 god mode invi

Hello mga Ka RL.
as my journey continues in creating impossible and never been seen mods.
Presenting the 3 in 1 invi god mod invi. I know sabhin nyo impossible to. pero Cars always made impossible mods to happen dba.
kung may makagawa man ng ganito sa future ay please dont forget to credit me. for 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 invi.

hindi importante ang file. ang importante is ang idea na pinakita ko sa inyo.

tulad ko. If I see mods ng iba ay kaya ko din gawin kahit wla akong tips na galing sa kanila dahil nag base lang ako sa idea kung anu nakita ko sa mods ng iba. imagine and believe...

Now 3 Invi in action ( god mode, no visual and tumbling invi)

@SHOOTER-X and @raulcerdena ( no visual on land invi) @-Bladymyr @Logan1233 @cars the god modder

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