Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cars- +20% hit rate superkill/ Remotekill with anti invi, big jump, wtw, auto glitch desert clash

Hello mga ka Rl, ito na po ung pang anti invi /pang patay dun sa gnawa ko na normal to invi but same may +20% hit rate remotekill ito. note: hindi ito normal to invi.

Featuring big jump, wtw, auto glitch desert clash . best ito pag wlang modified rb001.rez. use gameclub rb001.rez

Main features:
+20% remote kill - mas mahina ito compared sa +50% ko dahil garapal na ung +50% ko dahil 99% winning chance non. as tested on 26 games
big jump- my discovery last february. bali isang space pero parang naka double jump na din
unli knife- I discovered unli knife last year based on joshua santos x20knife
autoglitch dessert clash - i discovered this last march. pang ganti ito ng bl para sa mga glitcher na gr team
no grenade damage
no flash
no smoke
anti invi

@-Bladymyr @SHOOTER-X @Logan1233 @TheDragon @ehjay @joshuasantos @xiNSaNiTY

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