Saturday, November 4, 2017

Cars Normal to Invi V2 - auto aim/remotekill/anti grenade /normal to invi

Crossfire ars Normal to Invi V2 - auto aim/remotekill/anti grenade /normal to invi CFPH Mod Cheat Download

Hello mga Ka Rl, its time to release the remotekill/auto aim for m4a1 with 20% hit rate . mas mahina to compared to my 50% hitrate remotekill. with anti invi and auto glitch for desert clash

Main Features:
Normal to invi= Control +w
anti invi for thumbling chars and other higa
wtw = shift +w
auto glitch desert clash= w
Double jump = double space
fast knife= auto
no grenade damage
no flash
anti smoke
20% hit rate remotekill /auto aim - almost same lang to sa remotekill scarlight ko

To make the auto aim work. you must use unmodded rb001 or rb001 from gameclub

@SHOOTER-X @-Bladymyr @Logan1233 @rasol @jamex birdo

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