Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Humble 'Down Under' Bundle compiles a bunch of Australian games

Not one of them is based on the timeless 1980s film franchise Crocodile Dundee.

Australia's cultural exports are more than just crap beer and terrifying outback horror movies: we also make games sometimes. And you've probably played a bunch without even realising they're Australian. This new Humble 'Down Under' Bundle provides a neat sampling of some indie titles from the continent.
The "pay what you want" tier includes Hand of Fate, Screencheat, Satellite Reign and The Warlock of Firetop Mountain – all great in my opinion, especially Screencheat. Pay more than the average – which at the moment is $3.52 – and the offering is a lot more appealing: Crawl, Hurtworld and Hacknet become available, the latter with its Labyrinthes expansion. All of those games are also great, but I especially liked making friends in Hurtworld.
Finally, if you pay more than $12 you'll get Armello: a good price for that enduring and well-supported digital tabletop game, especially when you factor in the other 7.5 games as well. Go forth and gather.


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