Saturday, October 14, 2017

GameClub Account Creator

Hello RAML,

A little bit tweak of code due to web address changes.


What`s New:
- Remove mask/unmask password fields
- Adding confirm password since its required

Q: What does this program do?
A: This program creates accounts on GameClub easly with less infos you input.
Q: This program does not work?
A: It work fine as long as you`re internet can load up.
Q: What happen after registration successful?
A: You might need to close the program to refresh so, you can be register again.
Q: Why after I click create account nothing happen?
A: It`s because the username you input is already in-use. Or, the passwords don`t match. Try again both.

- Internet Connection

- Wait for the Status to "Ready"
- Fill-Up

Virus Scans:
- VirusTotal
- Jotti

Downloads (2):
- Attached File

- Geopulse

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