Friday, September 29, 2017

Simple Glow esp [Daily Update]

Status: Undetected 9/29/2017
As always, use at your own risk, THIS IS A PUBLIC CHEAT not a private cheat.
1. Start CSGO
2. Open the cheat when you are in a game, not in loading screens or main menu or your csgo will most likely crash.
3. Press f9 to toggle the glow on or off (true or false)

Glow ESP health based


1. Is the cheat VAC undetected?
This is a public cheat so it will be detected fast thats why you will use on your own risk like every other public cheat.

2. How much time until detected?
Only VAC knows that.

3. Got VAC BANNED! Garbage cheat!
Public cheat bro, what do you expect

4. CSGO closes when i run with this cheat
Fix: Download Driver Booster and update all of your drivers + follow the image with the second fix provided by a MPGH user.

5. Virus Detected!!!!!
There's no virus, the cheat is packed with VMProtect and that's why your antivirus deletes your file, disable it and your browser antivirus.

6. Works with Faceit Client or server side anti-cheat?
I don't know / give a fuck, it only directly supports VAC
I won't offer any support for this so good luck helping each other.

7. Corrupted archieve, can't open, deletes itself?
Disable your antivirus

Looking for a very good video editor (editing & recording), please write on my profile wall.

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