Friday, August 18, 2017

Someone has finally recreated Doom 2 in the Diablo 2 engine

It might not be fun to play, but it is damn fun to watch.

For those who still get motion sickness from Doomguy's blistering sprint, here's a fairly awkward solution: play Doom 2 as an isometric ARPG ala Diablo 2! Someone has made a tentative effort to make such a thing happen, and the video above shows how it looks.
It's the work of YouTuber DolloM, who has dubbed the mash-up Doomiablo. It's definitely a work in progress, and they're currently seeking feedback in the YouTube comments section. It'll be interesting to see if this can some day evolve from mere novelty into a game that'd be fun to play, but for the time being it's fun to see how flexible the ye olde Diablo 2 engine is capable of being.
DolloM indicates in the comment section that melee combat is forthcoming, and that there will be some flexibility regarding how Doom-like you want the mod to be: if you want Doomguy to be battling through Tristam rather than traditional Doom-esque environments, then that could possibly happen.


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