Saturday, August 5, 2017

PSA: Splatoon 2's Next Splatfest Event Starts Tonight On Switch

A new weapon is also coming to the game.

The first proper Splatfest in Nintendo's colorful Switch shooter, Splatoon 2, is set to begin soon. The event kicks off in the US tonight, August 4, at 9 PM PT/12 AM ET and in the UK on August 5 at 3 PM BST.
This Splatfest runs for a full 24 hours and, like the World Premiere Demo that took place before the game released, revolves around food. This time, players are asked to choose which condiment they prefer: mayo or ketchup?
To take part in the Splatfest, simply pledge your fealty to your condiment of choice at the voting booth in Inkopolis Square, and the wins you amass in Turf War will go toward your team's overall score. Depending on your rank by the end of the event, participants will be rewarded with a number of Super Sea Snails, rare items that can be used to add additional slots to your gear.

We already got a glimpse at one of the maps that will be featured during the event: Shifty Station, an entirely new stage that will make its debut tonight. Unlike the other maps in the game, however, Shifty Station will only be available in the stage rotation during Splatfests. Nintendo says its layout changes from event to event, so players will be battling on a different version of the map the next time it appears during a Splatfest.
Nintendo is also releasing another free DLC weapon to coincide with the Splatfest. This time, players will be able to purchase the Sploosh-O-Matic, a returning weapon from the first Splatoon. This particular shooter has a short range but compensates with its high attack power. It's sub-weapon in Splatoon 2 is the Curling Bomb and its special attack is Splashdown.

Splatoon 2 released for Switch on July 21. The game has been very well-received by critics; GameSpot awarded the title an 8/10 in our review and called it, "a vibrant and exuberant sequel with enough fresh additions and changes to set it apart from the original." You can see a gallery of the best memes we've encountered in the game here.

Thanks Gamespot

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