Wednesday, August 9, 2017

No Man's Sky teases portals and spacecrafts ahead of update 1.3

The Waking Titan ARG is drawing to a close.

At the beginning of June, Hello Games launched Waking Titan—a hype-stirring ARG for its open-world space roamer No Man's Sky. Complete with strange cassette tapes, snippets of vague information and an expected deluge of Reddit back-and-forthing, the alternate reality game was said to offer clues tied to NMS' incoming update 1.3.
New images suggest this will involve portals of some sort, as well as a new ship.
First, here's another look at the portal image:

And here's the ship:

Speaking first to the former, one Reddit user named m-p-3 suggests the glyphs shown on the shot-facing console mirror those featured at the foot of the Waking Titan website.
Other users also point out that the console features an extra icon that isn't listed on the ARG's site. It's worth noting that messages housed within the aforementioned cassettes have since been decoded by the NMS community to read: "portals", which of course plays into this nicely.
As for the new ship image, complete with mountainous backdrop, Reddit users seem less sure of what it might entail.
With No Man's Sky's imminent 1.3 update expected in August, my guess is that we'll hear from Sean Murray in the coming days/weeks.


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